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A visit to Cyprus on any weather

A visit to Cyprus on any weather

Don’t be let down by the bad weather and by the chagrin of autumn! Today, we plan to brighten your day and suggest a visit to Cyprus on any weather.

Larnaca airport

Larnaca Airport will most likely be your first taste of Cyprus, seeing as how this is the largest airport on the island and it sees constant traffic from a plethora of European destinations.

Larnaca is itself a pretty interesting and popular holiday destination as well, even though a large number of people who touch down here will actually be heading towards other areas of the island. In fact the city can claim to be the oldest city in Cyprus and quite possibly one of the oldest in Europe, evidence of its habitation going back six thousand years.

The town itself isn’t that large, in fact you can walk around most of it, its shape being that of a thin ribbon hugging the coast. As far as the walking goes, there’s a seaside promenade that will make for particularly pleasant strolls in the evenings especially.

Once you do touch down here, you will be confronted with the issue of needing some type of transportation to take you from the Larnaca airport to whatever your accommodation might be, or even to a different destination somewhere on the island. This is where our Larnaca airport transfers come into play, offering you the option to ride in air-conditioned comfort to your destination.

Whether you’re actually heading to Nicosia or Limassol, or some other Cypriot destination, whether on the coast or not, our Larnaca airport transfers will be waiting for you at the airport at an hour that you specify, so you won’t have to be doing any waiting of your own. Furthermore, all of our transfers are private, which means that you won’t have to share our cars with anyone you don’t already know. Also, all of our drivers are professionals who also speak English, so communicating with them shouldn’t be a problem.

Even if you plan to spend the whole trip in Larnaca, you can still benefit from our transfer services because you can use them for day trips around the island, so you can have a chance of seeing more locations than you would otherwise, it’s a very convenient service to have at your disposal.